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The entire Lakeipedia website has been designed with the end user in mind. We want to provide information in an easy to locate fashion for the various lake locations that you anglers want to fish. We are always open to suggestions on how we can improve the material we are providing you. Please use the suggestions and requests form to send us your ideas on how we can improve your experience. If you have requests for new lakes that you would like us to add please let us know.

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Angler Sponsors: You will notice that we haven't filled every lake's page with annoying spam and irrelevant unrelated advertisements. This was intentional because we're fishermen too and we know how discouraging internet advertising can be. When we visit a fishing website we don't want to be forced to wade through tons of advertisements for Cialis and AutoTrader in order to find the material we're looking for.

If you use and appreciate this website please consider a very small donation via PayPal to help keep it growing. Even your single one dollar donation is greatly appreciated and will be used toward supporting an existing lake page or starting another new lake page! Please note, when you make a PayPal donation there will be a place on the PayPal form that can be used to let us know the lake page you are helping sponsor. If you would like us to build a new lake page for your favorite lake, your small donation is a great way to get our attention.

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Business Sponsors ($20): This sponsorship option is open to businesses like guides, charters, marinas, tackle shops and restaurants at or near a specified lake. Sponsoring a lake page and receiving a link to your businesses website is an inexpensive way to impress potential customers by telling them that you are fully vested in their fishing experience at the page. When the page you sponsor appears on the first page of Google Search Results it means a lot more traffic to your business and a lot more views on your website. Additionally a "citation (link)" from a first page partner like the Lakeipedia page will help your business website appear stronger in many more relevant critical search results. Becoming a Lakeipedia sponsor forms a unique synergistic and strategic partnership between us!

To become a Business Sponsor for one of our Lakeipedia pages is only $20 per calendar year at this time. That's right! Just $20 and we also promise you that you will never find a less expensive way to have a cited listing on the first page of a Google Search! Once we receive your donation we will contact you via your email address to get the important details we need for your new listing to be added and the page you have chosen. If we don't have your lake yet the new page will be created.

Our Lakeipedia website is intended as an all-in-one source to aid residents, tourists and fishermen to connect with the necessary informational details about their favorite lakes. Each page of information is provided by the support and the donations of our website's visitors and also the top quality fishing related businesses they are looking to make a connection with.

If you are a fishermen and you would like to see us create a page for your favorite lake, we would like to invite you to use our suggestions and requests form and let us know. We will add your requests to the work list and then to Lakeipedia as quickly as possible. If you are a potential sponsor such as a guide, bait and tackle shop, marina or restaurant and can see the benefits of synergistically sponsoring a website dedicated to making that connection between the fishermen and your business please consider reading our Sponsorship Page.